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Exporting to a 3D Printer using an STL file

One of the advantages to modeling in 3D is that the project file can be easily exported to a 3D printer using the STL (StereoLithography) file format. Follow the steps below to export the model as an STL. Readying the Model for Export 1. Open the mod...

Printing problem with transparent fills

Issue Fills are not printed correctly via the File-Print menu or from printing via the Publisher Dialogue box. Some part of the fills are missing, see examples: Cause When transparent solid fills (also known as "percentage fills") overlay other fills...


PlotMaker was a layouting program that was part of the ARCHICAD package. This standalone application was optimized to prepare an architectural documentation set based on the views, drawings and images created in ARCHICAD. PlotMaker could also accommo...

Print Versus Plot

Both Printing and Plotting are available in ARCHICAD. In ARCHICAD 10, Printing and Plotting have been brought onto a “common platform” which resulted in the Print and Plot dialog boxes becoming similar to each other. However, there are still differen...

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