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3D Document as an RCP? how best to do?

So..we had this Archicad guru-gal come to the office where I'm consulting and she suggested a technique to use doing a 3D Document from your floor plan and looking up instead of down. That way it creates this really true "Reflected Ceiling Plan" look.

I've done that but...I'm not sure how to get my column grids in that view?
I only see the model displayed in floor plan but looking upward and it looks accurate but how do I include my column grid lines?

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The grids will not show in the 3d document unless 3d representation has been turned on in the grid settings and the grid is 'visible' (ie above) the cut plane for the 3d document.

Personally if you need grid in ceiling plan I would just create a saved view that isolates just the grid and use this a a trace reference in the 3d document window. In the layout just need to overlay both the grid view and the 3d document.

Typically I do not have grids on I either fitout or ceiling drawings as the ceilings are typically installed relative to the walls which have already been installed and lined, so the columns/grids are not visible to the ceiling trades.