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Archicad & the Metaverse

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Graphisoft Partner

I wonder how Archicad will compete in the metaverse?


I think it's going to be increasingly easy to build beautiful structures without real-world limitations or clients to worry about. There will be as much, if not much more, money to be made in virtual worlds than in the real world. The first virtual building has also sold for approximately $512,000 and it will never be built. Or perhaps we sell our models as NFTs along with our real-world deliverables. 


I have personally already bought 4 lots in SuperWorld and am eyeing up Victoria VR (the first hyper-realistic virtual, unreal engine powered, blockchain world which is about to drop early next year) next. It's early days, but the digital land rush has begun. Buildings can be sold or rented, or advertising  / augmented reality rights can be leased, in multiple worlds.


Web 3.0 is just around the corner. Is anyone else planning to stake a claim? Do you think Archicad will play a big part in it?


Would love to hear more opinions!






If I am not mistaken, that is not the whole Graphisoft Park, it is only a single building (SAP building) within Graphisoft Park.

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They will find a way to make people comply with fire codes and whatnot even thought its a virtual building 🤣

Its just one of the lots available.  Also, there is not just one of these Imaginary Real-estate companies out there selling the same imaginary plots of land.  The whole this is absurd.  The entire game is for people who will team up to create an imaginary scarcity buying and selling this stuff to each other back and forth until they find someone who will foolishly pay with real dollars for it - and then they split the real dollar profits with each other.  Exactly like real world real-estate :).  How long before GS will feel obligated to buy up their own imaginary real-estate before the price goes up ?  What happens if Revit busy up the GS imaginary real-estate and that part of the Metaverse becomes a sales tool for them ?  We can't have that!   The savy investor will buy this imaginary real-estate now before the inevitable price wars for it become hyper-inflated.      

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I would also assume this will have a problem with parallel universe syndrome. You can buy the virtual plot in one universe, but someone else can set up a duplicate universe and sell the identical plot e.g. Metaverse vs Googleverse vs Appleverse vs Scammerverse. This isn't dissimilar to the Domain Name wars which happened about 25 years ago. The only thing is, does it have any real world impact on Brand protection, which is what eventually stabilised Domain Name management? Visit us at 55MainSt.ScamCity.Scammerverse. 


I still think it is a sad reflection on humanity that we've screwed the planet, now some untrustworthy people are suggesting we bury our heads in their virtual world to forget the mess that's being left behind.

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On which point, imagine designing a virtual building, getting paid $ millions, and using an algorithm that self-destructs immediately after you cease trading. Any lawyers in the house... caveat emptor

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I can imagine everything you say, except the part of getting paid millions

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Graphisoft Partner

It's interesting how many of the comments seem to have a negative take on them. Agreed, the computing power required to run the metaverse will be immense, but hopefully, the market will be prompted to adjust sooner? And perhaps with VR, the amount of travel will be lessened? There are so many upsides to the metaverse, especially in the way we can interact with distant friends and family, including improving mental health, educating people more interactively no matter where they live in the real world, remote medical assistance, the list goes on and on. All these worlds need to accommodate people and for that, they need architects, building designers, and interior designers.


In any case, it is all coming and quickly, so we can choose to get ahead of it or play catchup or miss out altogether. I bet the next wave of architectural graduates won't be waiting around. There's probably plenty of them already getting their designs ready for Victoria VR, Insomnium Space, Decentraland, et al. I hope to get a model up to Superworld as soon as my funds clear.


Video Games are forging the way right now, but non-game apps will soon be a major player. I've read estimates that it will be an $800B industry by 2024 and over a trillion by 2025.




The internet that connects the real-world with real-world goods, services, and currency is one thing --  buying imaginary real-estate with real-world currency that disappears forever is another. 


Should be all be converting our hi-end Workstations into Ethereum miners?

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What would interest me the most is the conection between these two realms, the physical and the virtual and how physical architecture can acomodate these kind new programs while being altered and modified by the virtual.

Surely there are studies about this, as these kind of situations were already architectural fantasies in the late 90´s early 2000. Im really looking forward to it.

It doesn't disappear forever, it just slips into the back pocket of someone laughing at the gullible who will pay for the "Emperor's new clothes".

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