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Unable to import DWG and PDF to worksheet or model view.

Hi, I'm facing a weird issue. I'm unable to import any DWG and PDF. I've tried different drawing types and whenever I "open" the drawing nothing is happening, no error or any messages popping up. The drawing just doesn't appear and is not only any hi...

Resolved! Wall Tags

Why is it so difficult to place a Wall Tag/label with this sort of readable orientation?How are you doing it? What Label are you using ?


Redshift and grass

Hi EveryoneI try to render grass with Redshift but unsuccessfull Any limitation on displacement ? or I set something wrong ?Kind regardsFrançois

FFA by Graphisoft
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Resolved! Renovation Layouts

Hi,Please which is the best way to save layouts? I mean after renovation is done, then I want to save layouts as existing, as proposed and as proposed (clean copy). What I do is I go on plan and select existing from renovation filter and then I drag ...

Eman by Contributor
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Automatic wall orientation – N / W / S / E

Can we make a wall property using "Expressions" that automatically recognizes its own orientation to project origin? My thoughts are to identify wall’s start/end X and Y coordinates, apply simple “cos” and “sin” for recognizing wall's vector directio...

Resolved! Update the template used for an existing project

Hi, If I've started a project with a particular template, is there a way to update the project based on changes to the template? Alternatively, is there a way to import master sheets from another template? Or any other item that might be in a templat...

Resolved! Selection with space bar

Hello All, Here a very basic question. Suppose i am starting a project with a dwg 2d file as a base.I want to make a slab on top of the slab drawn on the 2D. When i press the space bar, the line getting selected aren't necessarily the polygon represe...

Resolved! Plans Not Showing In Layout Book

I'm having issues with placing plans on a layout. All the plans that I place appear blank. Curiously enough that doesn't happen with sections or elevations, just plans. I'm attaching images below. Cheers

1.png 2.png

Resolved! Show walls as a single line

Hi, I'm trying to create a simple site plan that shows the roof outline and wall outline. I'd like to show the external face of external walls as a single line. Is this possible? Archicad 24