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Change the format of the values presented in the schedule

Isaac Newton

Good time of the day, gentlemen


Is there a way to change the format of the certain values presented in the schedule. For an instance, I have a schedule with room areas. They are presented without the square metres symbol in the end, and they have three figures after the point, as presented below:


I'd like them to have only two figures after the point, with the last one being rounded, and I'd like them to have a square metres symbol in the end, though. Is it possible to achieve that?


This is the best you can do AFAIK.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-09 um 08.21.47.jpg

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Thank you! This change however doesn't have an effect on the DIN calculated areas (DIN brechnete Fläche). I get the DIN calculated areas field from the library, because no other predownloaded field displays the area of the balconies and the terraces with the proper deduction that I've set earlier:




It does have an effect on the predownloaded fields concerned with areas, as you have shown:



And curiously enough, it has an effect even on the DIN calculated areas in the  WoFIV calculations themselves:


But somehow, it doesn't work with the exact same values in the simple schedule. Perhaps you know how to change them as well?



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