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Archicad dashed lines & ISO 128-2




So I was trying to recreate the line types from ISO 128-2 as a basis for a new template.

I realized that unfortunately this isn't currently possible because ISO defines distances between dashed/dotted lines in relation to the line width and Archicad defines it in millimeters.


I guess the only correct way to do it would be to have multiple line types for different line widths, but I don't think that would work very well in the long run.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Maybe you guys have a workaround.


Another thing I got curious about is what defines the default values for dashed/dotted lines in Archicad?

The dash and gaps are defined by values like 2.12 or 6.35 that seem random at first sight.

Was curious if anyone knows if there is any reasoning to it 🙂









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