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Archicad25 - zones not editable in the 3D window

Sasa Glagolic Ogorel

Hi all!


We have switched to AC25 this week in the office and some iMacs have a problem with a zone editing in 3D window.

As a sort of Archicad admin, I was the first one to switch to AC25. Installed the original installation and all updates. On my iMac everything works. 

Then I installed it on other iMacs - first the original 3002 installation than 4013 update. (update in between I skipped, expecting the last of updates to have all of the previous ones included)

On other iMacs for some reason, when they open up the files they cannot edit zones in 3D.


I've checked

layers (locked/unlocked)

locked/unlocked status of elements (even unlock all)

renovations status (which for some reason always can be an issues, so I check it when it makes sense or not)

saved localy and opened again (we work on Dropbox)


and nothing helps.

the other iMacs cannot edit zones in 3D. the zones are selectible, you can stretch them in any direction, type numbers or do it as drag and drop but it just goes back to the original spot.

When you try to edit the height through the settings it works, but since it's a study phase of the project, we need it to be editable through the 3D, not just from settings numerically.


Did anyone have a similar problem, or can suggest some other thing to try?

Thanks in advace.

ArchiCAD 6.5-25 INT FULL (MEP sometimes)

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