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Create multiple copies of the same layout but in different subsets that update.


Hi everyone I have an interesting one.


I work for a modular home builder and we publish a main construction set and then individual sets for each trade team that only have the drawings which pertain to that team.  These pages are exact copies of the pages from the main set but we like to have the page numbers for each set start at one and count up instead of referencing the pages from the main set and jumping all over the place (eg 1, 5, 8, 15...)


Currently we compile all of the pages of the main package, drag copies of the relevant sheets over to the subset which has been set up with it's own cover sheet for each trade and then have a publisher set for the main drawing and the shop drawings.  This works great until there is a revision.  if a drawing needs to be deleted or added to a layout it then needs to be re-copied to each relevant layout in the various trade packages.  This process is time consuming and prone to error if one or more layouts are missed in the update process.


I thought about using the "add shortcut" button and creating the publisher sets for each trade just using the main layout book subset but that uses the same page numbers as the main set.  What I'm looking for is a way to have the update functionality of "add shortcut" but have each trade package with it's own number sequence and index.  Is this possible?

Brad Allen
Ironwood Manufactured Homes Inc.
Archicad 26
Windows 10
Barry Kelly

I don't think you can win with this one.


The page numbers are allocated in the Layouts.

Sure you can have multiple layout sets with different arrangements of pages, which seems to be what you are doing.

The content of each drawing will update automatically, but the same page in different layout sets are not linked, so (as you say) if you add delete drawings, they are not reflected in each layout set.

You would have to amend one, delete the same page from all the other sets and then drag copies of the amended one to the other sets.


You can set up multiple publisher sets that can pick and choose layouts from a layout set (they do not have to be clones).

But they will use the page numbering from the layout set.

This would be my preferred choice, and the trade has to realise they only have the information relevant to them.


Or you distribute the entire set to all trades and let them decide what is important for them.



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