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Datasmith Palette Missing in Archicad 25.

Arshdeep Singh

Greetings All,


I recently installed the Datasmith Plugin from the Unreal Engine Webpage, as directed at the Graphisoft website, for Archicad 24 & 25. According to the procedure there should be a Datasmith Palette under the Windows > Palettes . However, for some reason there isn't. I even checked in Add-On Manager, there it shows an entry of Datasmith installed correctly but with a message that, "The file is an outdated Add-On that cannot be used with this Archicad version."

Surprisingly, My Archicad 24 & 25 are up to date, so is my Twinmotion and Datasmith Plugin. If anyone knows how this issue can be resolved please guide me towards it. I have attached a screenshot for reference.Datasmith Issues.jpg.

Thanks and Have a Great Day !



Nilly Agaiby1

HI ALL I have the same issue any clue

Hi Nilly, 

Apparently, as per Graphisoft they have nothing to do with this issue. I have already talked to them, so what you have to do is that, submit a support request to the Twinmotion Tech-Support and if you are lucky they might be able to help you out. With that said I am still waiting for them to provide me with any kind of solution despite of sending them a support request a couple of times. 

Meanwhile if you have some urgent work to finish up then try saving your project in C4D (Being More Precise) format while you are in the 3D window and then import that into Twinmotion, ofcourse you won't be able to do the live sync but it should get your work done as you wait for Twinmotion Tech Support to respond. 

I hope this information helps. Thanks and Have a Great Day Ahead !


Hi Arshdeep, did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I am experiencing the same thing now. Did Epic Games/Twinmotion ever respond to your request? 


Hi Singh, 

I am currently experiencing the same issue on my AC25 v5010. Have you managed to get Twinmotion revolved around the issue? 

Greetings Javiertoft !


Well, I did got in touch with the Twinmotion Experts and they were really helpful and tried to resolve the issue but at the end it seemed as if this issue is originating because of some files being over written by the operating system, in my case Windows 10, so the best option is to refresh the windows and try installing the programs again.

However, what you can try doing is that try removing al traces of Epic Games, Twinmotion and any old as well as new twinmotion add-ons completely from your system and make sure that Archicad is no longer showing any twinmotion plugins in the Add-on Manager. Once you achieve that restart you pc and try to do a clean install. If you have already sone this procedure then I suggest getting in touch with Twinmotion support as there are chances that the method they used to get that plugin working on my system might work for you. 


If you have any further questions do let me know. 

Thanks !


You are most likely missing DatasmithUE4ArchiCAD.dll in the root of the installed Archicad

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