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When I create a detail using the Detail tool a rounded rectangular box is place on floor plan. The problem is when I open the item in the Navigator. The detail window is empty. Why?

AC8v3r3, WinXp-Pro-Sp1,Xeon 3.06, 1g
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Do you have the detail marker setup correctly?

Check the 'type of detail marker' (sorry - manual not to hand) boxes in the info box (see image below).

BTW - I agree that this is the 'wrong' default setting!!

HTH - Stuart
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Thank you so much.
When you place a Detail marker with the 'left hand blob' you dont get anything in the detail window (although you could draw what you like later). If you use one of the other marker forms, rectangle or poly, you get an exploded view of the construction brought into the detail marker which you can then edit.
By the way, that annoying rectangle round your nice rounded marker style can be removed with Display Options - about half an hour of frustrated poking around in parameter tables and other places before i found that!!!.

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