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Digital Professional stamp to Drawings

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Hello all,

Currently on my Master layouts I have a Picture file of my Civil Engineering Stamp. The Stamp Picture is on a layer called Stamp, which I hear from talk with AC10 the there is no longer this kind of layer management. But either way my question is, what is the best way to get the stamp on the master sheets. The existing Picture file was originally a DWG file that I created in my AutoCAD days. I saved the DWG from Autocad as a WMF and then I believe "pasted: it onto the master sheet within Plotmaker. I may have gone from a WMF to a JPG and then pasted it, but I do not remember.

Because I had now have to modify my expiration date in the JPG I have started over with my DWG. I opened the DWG in Archicad (no longer know how to use AutoCAD), made some modifications and now I have a pln file that has my digital representation of the Stamp.

What is the best way to link or import this onto my Master layout sheets?

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Just place the DWG on the Master Layout. We've been doing this for some time now without a hitch.

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Jay wrote:
What is the best way to link or import this onto my Master layout sheets?

Eric is correct - however, if you had made a PMK somewhere in the past you could use it for a beginning drawing. You did the same as I in using the old DWG file from the old ARCHT-2 days where it was easy to create text on a radius.. When I converted to AC the dwg became a PMK some how and that I converted to .PLN.. Same thing just a different way.

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Steve Jepson
another way is just to save a view of it in your view maps and bring it into your Master Layout as another drawing.

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