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Hello to all,

I've set-up my environment projet to 2 decimal for dimension, but in elevation layout I got 3 decimal ...

An idea?

Thank you as always
David Bearss
you can set your dimensions for each view and save the view settings in the Organizer. Use the project map to navigate to your views and the view map to save views and the settings you want for that view.
David Bearss
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I've found the "Modify view settings" option by right click. then I can choose "DIN" option for dimensions witch mean I presume personal parameters. Then I got 2 decimal. But also get a "5" when the dimension is at 5 for the 3 decimal. I do not want that...

Excuse my poor explications and english for this problem
Barry Kelly
OK if you are now using the 'DIN' scheme for the dimensions in your views then you need to go into OPTIONS menu > Project Preferences > Dimensions and change the settings to what you want for that scheme.

Or set up any other scheme or create your own new one to have the settings you want.
Then make sure you use that scheme in your views.

I usually leave all the default schemes as they are and create my own new ones.

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PERFECT ! Your message, helped me to create a personal setting that I rename then it was available to choose from menu in view settings !
Great help