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Dimensions Reverting to Automatic Position (when nothing has changed!)


I attempted to contact Graphisoft about this issue, and they weren't able to help - so I'm hoping someone here has run into (and fixed) the same issue! I work primarily in Teamwork files, and this issue seems to only happen in those models.


We try to dimension our interior elevations/cabinetry down to the rail/stile, which means that we have a lot of small dimensions that don't fit on the dimension string. I move them onto a leader line and into a readable location - and then a few hours later, without closing the model, leaving Teamwork, or even Send/Receiving, the dimensions revert back to their original locations (see attached images).


I try to dimension to hotspots so that the dimensions move with items as they are changed - but these dimensions revert back to the automatic position without anything in the model changing. 


Graphisoft suggested that we change the drawing scale to be larger than 1/2" so that we don't have to modify the dimensions. Or suggested that we change the dimensions to 'static'. Neither of these options will work for us. They also suggested that I check to make sure my AC is up to date, which it is.


I'm using ArchiCAD 25 on a MacBook Pro (16", 2021), running Monterey v. 12.5.


Thank you in advance for any ideas/help you can give!




Dims Issue (correct location).png


Dims Issue (automatic position).png

Gerry Leonor

i use the dimension leaders quite alot, but never found them to revert back to their automatic position of their own volition.


silly question, but you're obviously not clicking the "Revert to Automatic Position" setting, are you?



that's some pretty terrible advise by GS to change the dimensions to static. i hope it was only temporary to do some bug fixing.


worst case scenario, you might want to try to do an Open & Repair operation on the file.

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Hi Gerry, 


No, I'm definitely not hitting the 'automatic position' button! If only it were that simple. 


I'll try to repair the files - it's just odd that it happens in multiple, unconnected models. But it's worth a shot!


Thank you!



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