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Graphic Override : Image Fill Not Rotating


Hi all
Having a spot of trouble with a Graphic Override.


Attached image of the issue, the GO overrides all the floor slabs with an image fill.
Problem is, the overridden Image Fill ignores any setting to Fill direction so the Image Fill is not properly aligned.


Applying the Image Fill directly to the slabs works perfectly and you can adjust the Fill Origin & Direction.
Not so once the GO is applied.

Is there anyway to have the Image Fill display properly? It seems the only way in this instance is to do away with the GO and apply the Image Fill directly...


GO Image Fill.png

Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit

Hi Andre.
Indeed, it is a problem that arises with graphic overwriting, the solution is to create a fill that has the appropriate angle to use in the overwriting.
It's not an elegant solution, but it works. Manually correcting the orientation alters that of the original fill

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