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How to effectively import Element IDs into Interactive Schedules in ArchiCAD


Hello. I am currently using ArchiCAD in Korea. I am working on a task where I input Element IDs in ArchiCAD's Interactive Schedules.

However, I have a question as other properties
can be imported from Excel all at once, but Element IDs do not seem to import, so I'm copying them one by one. I'm wondering if there is an effective way to import Element IDs from Excel into Interactive Schedules.




AFAIK Element ID's cannot be imported back from Excel to ArchiCAD with native tools.

AddOns might have the ability to. If I remember correctly I once had a similar issue and solved it with the dRofus AddOn. (Thats not its primary function though - if you dont already have it in use, it might prove too expensive).


I tend to avoid Element ID's at all and like to create just another property for it instead. This includes relinking information to this new property.

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