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How to place Angle Dimensions in ARCHICAD

George Primikiris
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
The Angle Dimension tool can be found in the toolbox palette, under the “More” group of tools:
Angle Dimensions display angle values:
  • between a pair of lines or linear edges
  • or the angle of a curved element
Angle dimensions are not available in the 3D Document Window.

Angle Dimension Units

In order to change the Angle Dimension units, you should go to the Options/Projects Preferences /Dimensions and choose the desired unit from Decimal degrees, Gradian, Radian and Surveyor’s units and then Store as…  to keep the new settings.
Angle Dimension Units are stored with the project. So if the project is opened in a new ARCHICAD the settings will remain. If you want to change the Angle Dimension Units permanently In you ARCHICAD and have the new setting available in any new project you create, a new template should be saved and used.

Angle Dimension Construction Methods

The Angle Dimension has two construction methods (choose from the Info Box or Angle Dimension Settings):
  • Inner Dimension (acute)construction method
  • Outer Dimension (obtuse) construction method

Place Angle Dimension Between Two Edges

To dimension an angle between two edges:
  1. Click an edge or line. Like with other Dimension tools ARCHICAD will automatically place two circular cross- pointers indicating the selected edge. If the selected point appears as a square cross-pointer, then a second point should be selected in order to indicate the second point of the straight line (Edge).
  2. Click a second edge or line. The same applies here.
  3. Now the pointer has turned to a little hammer. Click a third time with the hammer cursor to place the dimension of the angle in the desired location.
The Dimension can be selected after the placement  by clicking on it, and moved to a new location.

Place Angle Dimension on Curved Element

To dimension the rotation angle of a curved element:
  1. Select the Angle Dimensioning tool in the Toolbox.
  2. Click one of the two curved sides of the element. The two endpoints of the arc will be automatically marked.
  1. Click with the Hammer cursor the desired location to place the dimension.

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