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Incorrect Section representation with Renovation-Filter


Hello everyone,


I am facing an unusual problem with Renovation Filters in sections. Namely, whenever I try to show Existing, To-be-demolished, and new elements in the same section, some of the to-be-demolished elements do not show up with a transparent background pen. What's more, even though I have the "Do not Intersect" option activated in my Renovation Filter, these elements still interact with the existing/new elements. I would like to have all my to-be-demolished elements represented only as lines (meaning, with transparent background), while existing and new should be visible with all their details, only their pen color should be changed. I am not sure how to solve this issue, maybe I am missing something really basic.


I have attached an image to better explain the problem. The image contains a wall section with existing in black, new in orange, and to-be-demolished in yellow. As you can see, some of the yellow walls are acting weird, while most of them are not. I am not sure what is the source of it.


Any ideas? Thank you.








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