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Is it possible to have two types of detail drawings in one detail drawing?



I have to cut a detail drawing from one floor plan and make two detail drawings.
One is the form that meets the window stmap and zone stamp,
The second should be a drawing without both and a zone label.
However, no matter what I do, only one detail drawing is made.


I can't, so I'm making a detail on the 5th floor
The same thing was made and used on the 6th floor.
The 5th and 6th floors are identical.

AC27 on window 11
Andrii Levko

If I understand correct, you should to use the Model View Option and View Map. Create an MVO for each variants, and then create 2 different views in the View Map assigning them the correct MVO.


In view settings choose for your view correct MVO


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Create one detail in Ground
I created two details with save as view...
And set each mvo.
However, it is determined by the mvo on the ground, and the two details are in the same view.

This question is asked because I think that the meaning of save as view... is meaningless.

As one detail, I need a window stamp and a zone stamp appear, a window stamp and no zone stamp, and a zone stamp and a section mark.
In other words, you need 3 different views with one detail.

I can't, so I create each detail on a different layer and use it separately.
Is this the right way?

AC27 on window 11
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