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Layout book, renovation tool


Hi. I have used the renovation-tool in Archicad, but when I open the drawing in Layout Book, every wall (existing, to be demolished and new) are showing. Can I get the "To be demolished"-objects to not show when in Layout book?

Barry Kelly

You need to create a view (in the View Map) for that view point (plan, section, elevation, etc.).

That view contains settings that tells it what renovation filter, as well as scale, pen set, graphic override, etc., is to be used for that view.

It is that view that you place on the layout.


Sounds like you have changed the renovation filter for what you see on screen, but you have placed a view on the layout that has a different reno filter set.

You can simply amend the settings for that view or you can create a new one.


That is the beauty of creating views.

You can have many views of the same view point, but each can have different settings.

i.e. one plan view point, save 3 views, one with existing reno filter, one with new and one to be demolished.

Now you can place all 3 views on the layout - but they all come from the same viewpoint.


Now as you work in Archicad, you can set the reno filter you want, and adjust your model as you wish.

You will see on screen exactly what you want to see and work with.

Knowing that you have the views on the layouts (they are called drawings when placed on a layout) with there pre-set settings, so they are still showing what you want them to show.




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Thank you!! 🙂 

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