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Changes to background in Layout?

I draw in plan, sections and elevation with black background, as it relaxes my eyes on long workdays. Many of my objects and elements are set with cover fills and section backgrounds to window background. Recently I noticed that my layouts changed ap...

Mauhaus by Contributor
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Hiding separator lines between wall and window

Hello! We've been wrestling with this question for a while in our office... is there a way to hide the separator lines that appear between a window and its host wall in section / interior elevation? In the attached images, an interior elevation viewp...

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How to put diameter dimension?

With the regular dimension line. Just turn the witness lines off, pick the two opposing sides of the circle and place the dimension on the centre point. The radial dimension tool can only dimension a radius. Barry.

Door & Window Labels

I am migrating from Revit and am struggling with a number of small issues. Today's problem - I cannot figure out how to duplicate (or at least come close) to my door tag from Revit. I have looked through all the label options and can't figure out an ...

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I am unable to create a PDF in Publisher

I do not understand the problem. Archicad has failed to publish a PFD. It says that the file may be in use by another user? I am the only one with nothing else open as far as I know. I need to send out a plan right away, Please help. What might I be ...


In the Navigator, activate the Organizer Palette. There, click the "Project Chooser" button in the upper left, and use the "Browse Project". Using this you can select a file and open its Project Browser structure. Display the Layout of that Project o...

Placing drawings in a layout, updating layers not updating

Being new at this, there must be an easy explanation. After placing a floor plan on a sheet, I notice that some layers are not showing while others I don't want are showing. I select the inserted drawing and modify the layer setting then right click ...