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Layout views won't show up

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On occasion, the views we place in layouts will not show up. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we can click out of Archicad and click back in and are able to seem them; sometimes we have to save and close.
When we reopen the file, the views are there (and the dozen copies of the view that we continuously tried to place in the drawing)
Clearly, the views are there but we just cant see them.
This issue has appeared on multiple versions - 19, 20, 21, 22. We use the MacOS system (currently High Sierra, but it's happened on other mac versions as well)
Yes we can always close and restart the file but this can be very counterproductive on large jobs!
Are there any other work-a-rounds?

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Are the views internal or external? How are you placing the views? Are the views complex and require calculations?

One thing to note that once a view is placed it will take several seconds to maybe a minute to display depending on the complexity of the view and its source (internal / external), if you keep clicking to place view this time will be multiplied by the number of times you have placed the view. Sometimes a little patience may actually speed things up.

If all of your projects regardless of version have this occurring you probably need to renew your template that you base the projects on. You should have a new template for each version of ArchiCAD that is started from the templates supplied with the new version and not simply opening the old template in the new version


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