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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Hi yet another question from me!

Ok, i need to layout my sheets now ive completed my drawings. Im trying to set out an A1 sheet with plans + sections @ 1:100 and renders etc. But im hitting a few hopefully minor snags.

This is what i do.

-Open plot maker v3.0
-open a new layout book defaulting all settings
-File>Import>archicad.pln file
- it warns me that project is already open in archicad, i press cont
-I select the story-0 and place drawing on current layout
-i press import. Import in the background appears
When import finishes it says "error while loading library parts elements" i select close
-my plan appears on the layout but how do i know how big the layout paper is? if i goto page setup and select A1 no proportions of the layout change from if it was set to A4?????
-Ive now selected the plan and moved it but the plan has vanished leaving me with a black square outline with the word 0.story @ the bottom?? is it supposed to do that? will it print ok even though the actual graphics are not there just the outline of the window???
-i then import a section from the same .pln file using the same process onto the same layout to place next to the plan. The update proceeds to about 25% (two beeps)
-I then get an SISGL window saying "warning, cannot create a new surface, out of video memory. This program will exit" i click ok (the only thing to click)
-a window appears saying "Error while generating view in ArchiCAD."?
-my layout currently looks like the picture ive posted.

Please help, i have less than a week to get all my drawings presented for my final crit, the pressure is on

plotmaker help.JPG
BryanRichards wrote:
crash course on AC8 complete! hehe, couldnt have done it without all that help.
now go and read the manuals! good luck with the crit!

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