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Level dimension to sea level

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Can I get the Level dimension tool to display elevations based on my defined sea level or my 2nd reference level
When I edit the elevation of a point on a mesh, I can choose to what it is measured to, but how do I control what my dimension is referencing?
Vallita Costantini

Step 1: Before you place the level dim, make sure you have the gravity on with reference to Sea Level, just in case.

Step 2: Place the dimension
Step 3: Select the text and put custom text, then select SEA LEVEL. See image below. Make sure you have your project set in the right Sea Level position.

Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 10.46.20.png

 I hope I helped you.

Is there any way to get these settings to be copied to multiple instances? Or to create a favorite? I can't get it to work but maybe there is a trick to it. Otherwise you have to manually edit every single one. This also applies to the rotation of the text, it is very frustrating that some things can not be stored in a favorite? The "text object" is treated as something separate from the level dimension object itself.

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Rene Pahlavan

I am wondering about this also...going in the Dimension Text every time to change reference to Sea Level is seriously tedious. Cannot eyedropper the text tool for the next dimension - it reverts to project zero. As far as setting the reference level to the Sea Level (the red marker that has been mentioned) - how does one do that? My marker is not able to be moved in the Project Preferences - Reference Levels options. It stays at Project Zero. Maybe this topic could be revived? 

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There have been improvements to the Level Dimension tool in AC26:

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And if you are not on AC26, a workaround can be found in this thread.

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Rene Pahlavan

Thanks Lingwisyer - I was also aware of this workaround already, but was hoping for the actual tool to be fixed, or there was a more reasonable solution. I'll be happy to see how it works now in AC26, but I am still not there as I finish out projects in AC25. 

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