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MEP Scheduling length


Hello everyone!


At the moment I do design of living space and I made basic MEP with respected tool set in Archicad.

Despite the looks that are I find good enough for relatively detailed layout however I have problem with calculating the length of the objects.


I already know that standard variables like 3d length and so on doesn't work with MEP but if you add variable MEP_StraightLength from Additional Parameters of Interactive Schedules you will get the needed length.


However my issue is i can't use as sum of all section by duct type.

E.g. I have heating line which from the plan view has several turns around the corner. From the AC point of view each of the turns is a different section with different length. But from my point of view whole line must be counted as one.


Before MEP tools I achieved needed result with beams and columns. Unfortunately it's time consuming and this method doesn't have the flexibility of MEP tool connections.


Is there a way to calculate summed up length of duct line with one unique ID? Like we have e.g. line with 3 segments of 0.8, 1.0, 0.2 meters with same ID. And the schedule shows total of 2 meters rather than some of that numbers.


I hope it explained well.

Thank you.



Denis Petrov



have you solved the problem? 


I'm trying to do the same and all that i've achieved is a list of segments with sum length of all of them despite title

Kind of solved it but it's still not as good as I wished it to be.


I took library element "flexible pipe" and added some additional code to calculate the length and just added properties (classification) of the pipe and wiring. However it performs badly when you try to let's say extended it to the wall at the right angle.


I have poor skills in GDL but I try to come up with my own fully functional solution.


By your name I assume you are Russian so in localized version this tool called "гибкая труба".


If you want I cant attach my frankestein solution but as I said it's not great

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