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Mysterious Lines and Dots on Edge of Views when Placed on Sheets




When I place views onto sheets, I am occasionally seeing mysterious lines and dots show up at the edge of the placed view. The images below show these lines and dots circled, in overall drawings and zoomed in. These lines and dots don't exist anywhere in the actual project, and I cannot see them when I am working in Archicad (neither in views nor in sheets). They only appear when I publish, and mostly on floor plans, though occasionally also in other types of views (sections, worksheets, elevations, etc.).


Does anyone know what this might be from and how I can prevent them from appearing in future prints?


Screenshot 2023-04-18 094459.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-18 094426.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-18 094521.jpg

Screenshot 2023-04-18 094459.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-18 094521.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-18 094426.jpg
Gerry Leonor

looks very similar to something i posted almost a couple of years ago.


apparently this is more a PDF issue & less an AC problem.

there is currently no fix to it:



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Ah bummer! Thank you for sharing though!

David Maudlin



When I had this problem with Hidden Line 3D Views, I used Drawing Settings > Frame > Add printable Border set to a fat white pen and zero Border offset. This would cover the dots.


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