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Object uses different linetype on ground floor compared to the rest of the stories


Greetings, I have these Pergola objects (made with the frame vine library part) on multiple stories. they are 3m tall and I would like to display them with overhead lines. This works perfectly fine for the ground floor plan, but not for further stories. I have injected the same object parameters into every one of them and I have the same view settings on every story plan, yet the lines on the upper stories still aren't the types I want them to be. there are no graphic overrides active.


attached below are screenshots of the 1st story and the ground floor plan. the one with the dashed lines is the ground floor plan, and is what I desire all the plans to look like.

David Lukacs

Hi Ari,


The visualization of slabs, meshes and objects abowe or below home story you can control in options/project preferences/legacy.



That did not work, sadly 😕

I'm only showing the objects on their home story, but the objects on all stories except ground floor don't show the lines as overhead lines, like they do on the ground floor. If I had not checked them already, I would have assumed the cutting planes are different, but they are all the same on every floor


The pergola is an object, right? This might be the issue. For correct overhead display the object needs to be scripted accordingly.

If you're not versatile with GDL you might be quicker to remodel the pergola with standard native items like beams and columns.

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I am not at all versatile with GDL haha, but the object is from the AC26 library, all I did was change some dimensions