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PDF drawings from MAC are much larger file size than PC?

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At out firm we are working on both Mac and PC and individual stations. When drawings are published from PC, file sizes for a plan set are much smaller, sometimes 1/4 the size of the same plans published as PDF from our MAC? It seems to have to do with the PDF converter on the MAC and the jpegs on the drawings, but no idea how to control this if it's even doable? When I remove any images from the drawings they publish much faster and smaller. I have gone into the PDF document settings and tried adjusting resolution etc. to no avail.
Adrian Johnson
Karl Ottenstein
This question has been asked numerous times in the past. There seems to be no settings option, even in the preference file, for determining the amount of image (re)compression on the Mac version of AC.

The recommended options remain:

1. Open the final PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro, if you have it, and use save as reduced, or optimize options after publishing

2. Open the final PDF in Mac Preview and use Export to export a new copy of the PDF and choose the Quartz Filter option of "Reduce File Size". If you need better tuning of the compression, you can see the settings for that filter and make your own version using the steps here:
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Eduardo Rolon
Known Mac problem fixed in AC18 with a change to use the same PDF engine as PC.

Workaround is to open the created file in Acrobat Pro and resave with "Reduced File Size" option.
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