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PMK:s in views, renovation linetype bug?

In AC19, we sometimes place maps or other such linework drawings in the view. These have often been DWGs, but I now attempted PMKs.

The PMKs are much faster and render more consistently, apart from linetypes(!).
Particularly renovation linetypes, such as the dashed demolition line revert back to the original ("existing") linetype, lineweight and color.

The attached file has the same PMK with 4 vertical lines placed on a sheet:

- "S", PMK placed on sheet, same scale as original
--- This displays as it should, for reference:
------ the leftmost zigzag is "existing", no override
------ the two centerlines, the red dotted line is the "demolition" override, the gray dotted line is the same linetype as "existing"
------ the rightmost line is "new", with an override for red dashed line

- "S½" is the same as "S", only scaled 50%

- "V", is the PMK first placed on floor plan, the resulting view then on the sheet
------ the leftmost zigzag is as it should be (no overrides)
------ the two central lines have a changed scaling, and at times they would not display as dashed at all, just as a line, losing all the "demolition" overrides
------ the rightmost line has retained the "new" override red color, but the linetype has reverted to the zigzag (should be dashed)

In the floor plan view window (not on sheet), the PMK will display correctly, just as a PDF or DWG does.
Katalin Borszeki
Hi pejotu. Thanks for letting us know. This is an error on our end, we have entered it into our database. However, please note, that this function does work fine in ARCHICAD 20! Thanks much, k
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
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