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Plant Name (Tree Name) Display


I have the same tree in multiple plans.


On the landscape plan I want to show the "Plant Name"

On the site plan I don't want to show the "Plant Name"

The Plant name links back to my planting schedule too.


But if I untick the "Show Plant Name" it turns the name off in all views.


How would I do this?




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Tim Ball

You can probably access the plant name in auto text and then control visibility wth layers. You might need to dig a bit deeper than normal in the object data, but it should be there.


the alternative is to create you own dataset within properties where you could group everything you need in one dataset. You could create fields for name, size, planting requirements, etc and then schedule all that as well as accessing it through autotext

Tim Ball

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Hi Tim,

Nice tip, thanks for sharing!
Could you please give us an example (or screenshots) of what you mean by "dataset" here?


Rubia Torres

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Until you find the time to fix this in a better way, you can give the object ID the Name of your Plant and display with a Label which of course can be on a different Layer/Layer Set.  

This is similar to the reason why use both a Marker (Builder Dimension 22) to display the Door Size, and a Lable (Door Window 25) do display the ID, for all doors and windows.  There are Views sometimes that may need to display only one or the other in ways for which there is no sufficient Marker and I am too busy to make one. 

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It’s a big subject but this gives you a taster which is some training I did in partnership with Eric Bobrow

essentially my data drives the specification from inside Archicad


after all Archicad is really just a big database with a pretty user interface

Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5
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