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Plotmaker Error

After trying to save a layout book i received the following error..

Error while writing file
513: Write Error on the
output device, write
operation is not completed

this only happens when i try to save the layout book to the server. if i save it to my local drive it saves just fine. i thought maybe it was a size issue. the layout book is 217mb.. but i have another one that saves fine and it is slightly larger at 234mb.... i had the same error on another layout book that was 340mb... this doesn't happen to layout books that are smaller..

there shouldn't be a permissions error.. i have administrative rights on my machine and network... the folder that the file is in in set to full control by everyone...

any help would be appreciated.. i called tech support but haven't heard back.. i also checked the tr site but didn't come across anything on a couple searches

AC9 running on Winblows Xtra Pretty
narrowed the problem down and fixed it thanks to David at Graphisoft tech support!

turns out one of the viewsets imported into the layout was causing the error. Removed the view from the book. Reimported. and now the layout book is saving properly.

bit of a struggle to find which one was causing the problem but after it was deleted everything went back to normal

AC9 running on Winblows
Erika Epstein
I am curious, what was the problem with the view?
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I don't know... Everything looked fine in plotmaker, the book would even update and print without errors. Only when we went to save it the problem would occur. I deleted that view, and then everything worked fine. So I couldn't begin to tell you why that view in particular was an issue.