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Project info input from document


Hope this is the right section....


Just wondering if there is a way to aumomate project info input.

I usually write down a projet/clients details in a Word doc that I keep in the project folder. I then find myself inputing the same data into AC when I start the project for autotext use (client name, addresses, site details etc).

I was just wondering if there is a way to create a document (Word, PDF, Excel) that can then be used to import the data into the AC project info??




Karl Ottenstein

Searching this Community for "import project info" brought up this 15 year old thread.  Nothing has changed.  You still have to edit the XML file as exported by Archicad to fill in content in a format that Archicad can import.


To see what the XML file looks like, just click the Export button at the bottom of the Project Info dialog.


I think having Project Info use a CSV or tab-delimitted text file (Excel, Word, etc) would sure make this easier if you want to make a wish for what you'd like to see in the Wishes forum:


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This would be a simple Python script, unfortunately the present Python API can not address the Project Info and requires a C++ AddOn via the Python "Command Handler" function. Both the script and the addon exists at present (data-access.apx) But,of course, would involve some familiarity with Python in Archicad.

As a alternative, if you have access to Rhino and grasshopper, you could configure the same through grasshopper components without any programing skill. I made a video on such a process -- 23 minutes in.

Tapir project 

While the Tapir project is still in Beta, the components and addOn per the video were submitted but are not the the format that the project requires. Perhaps some one from the project could assist?? The idea is that you would fill in a spreadsheet then save to a CSV file which would then be input to a grasshopper component. IOW a solution exists but we need a little help getting it out.

i also agree that a XML file would also work, but for myself, I  usually get confused and make several format mistakes in creating one, The Python or Tipar approach seems more straight forward.



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Thanks. Yes Im sure it would be very easy to setup using strings.