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Quick Tip – Expand and Collapse All

Vimal Kumar

Got a huge amount of folders in your View Map and/or in the Layout Book and want to see all their content expanded?



Select the folder and use:

  • ALT+right arrow (MAC) and * (Windows) to expand all within the selected folder
  • ALT+left arrow (MAC) and (Windows) to collapse all within selected folder
  • right and left arrows (MAC) and + and – (Windows) to expand to previous expansion state and collapse respectively
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I checked this on Windows and the LEFT and RIGHT keys also collapse and expand folders, respectively.

Also, the LEFT key is a bit more versatile than the key because if the folder is collapsed, then pressing the LEFT key will take you to the parent folder of the selected folder so it goes one level higher in the folder hierarchy, which is also handy.

I have also found that these key shortcuts work in both the Navigator and the Organizer, and in all four Tab pages (Project Map, View Map, Layout Book, Publisher Sets).

On a Mac, you can also use the OPT key to do both:  expand/collapse all depending on the status of the selected folder.

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