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Quick Tip – Expand and Collapse All

Got a huge amount of folders in your View Map and/or in the Layout Book and want to see all their content expanded? Select the folder and use: ALT+right arrow (MAC) and * (Windows) to expand all within the selected folder ALT+left arrow (MAC) and – (...


Improved PDF Import

Import multiple PDF pages at once Importing external content in Archicad is handy for placing external information such as PDF documents in Viewpoints or on Layouts. Until Archicad 26, it was only possible to import one PDF page from the same selecte...

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Transparent Textures and Vectorial Hatchings in 3D Documents

Transparency and Vectorial Hatches ( renamed as Surface - Cover Fill Foreground in AC 25) are some nice features of the 3D Documents, so the wish of combining these two for a single surface at some point (for example displaying mesh-like surfaces) is...

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Lines in PDF not connecting properly on macOS 10.14 Mojave

Affected version(s): All | Severity: Not our Bug | ID: 257211 Issue When you open a vectorial PDF (e.g. a drawing saved from ARCHICAD) in the Preview application on macOS 10.14 Mojave, the connection of the lines might not be clean. Solution This is ...


Exporting to a 3D Printer using an STL file

One of the advantages to modeling in 3D is that the project file can be easily exported to a 3D printer using the STL (StereoLithography) file format. Follow the steps below to export the model as an STL. Readying the Model for Export 1. Open the mod...

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PDF Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to make use of vectorial PDFs in ARCHICAD. Below You can read about are the most commonly used features and tricks. Saving PDFs from ARCHICAD You have two options to save PDF from ARCHICAD: Publish You can also publish PDF documen...

Printing problem with transparent fills

Issue Fills are not printed correctly via the File-Print menu or from printing via the Publisher Dialogue box. Some part of the fills are missing, see examples: Cause When transparent solid fills (also known as "percentage fills") overlay other fills...

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Creating Custom Plotter Drivers

Introduction There is a large number of .xml files called plotter drivers shipped with ARCHICAD. They are located in a folder named PlotWare within the main folder of ARCHICAD. These files contain some basic information (e.g. maximum paper size, size...

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PlotMaker was a layouting program that was part of the ARCHICAD package. This standalone application was optimized to prepare an architectural documentation set based on the views, drawings and images created in ARCHICAD. PlotMaker could also accommo...

Damaged or Incomplete PDFs Published to Server

Publishing PDFs from Mac OS X to a server may result in damaged or incomplete files Affected version: 18, 19 and 20 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 210554 Issue When you view these PDFs you see one or all of these: The PDF viewing application...

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PDF - Troubleshooting Guide

PostScript fonts are not displayed Affected version: 18| Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 177770 Note: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD 19 release version. Issue PostScript Fonts are not displayed in PDFs, that are published from ARCHICAD 18 on ...

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Print Versus Plot

Both Printing and Plotting are available in ARCHICAD. In ARCHICAD 10, Printing and Plotting have been brought onto a “common platform” which resulted in the Print and Plot dialog boxes becoming similar to each other. However, there are still differen...

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U3D - How to embed navigable 3D models in PDF documents

U3D (“Universal 3D”) is a file format for 3D data. It is a standardized three-dimensional data format with the purpose of facilitating 3D data exchange among programs of various kinds. Adobe Acrobat supports this format from version 7.0, so within a ...

PDF file size and Fill choice

Files saved from ARCHICAD in 2D formats (PDF, DWG, DWF...) can be unusually large because of fill and line types used in the drawing. "symbol" type fills and "symbol" type lines explode in DWG and PDF - one line in archicad can break up to thousands ...

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