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Stair display help request

Rick Thompson

I am just now learning the stair tool. I really like it, but I have 2 issues I have not  been able to resolve.  


In the screen shot you can see the dashed tread nosing does not go across the treat .. just on the edge.  It doesn't matter what line type I try.  "Jagged" starts at a 45 but does not go all the way across... just the edge.  I do have the stringer below offset 2".. so???  So it actually stops at the inside edge of the stringer.. 3 1/2".. so.. a bug?  HA... I moved the stringer over 8" and the line followed.. so.. a bug... surly.  Hummm...


Also, I can't relocate the riser count numbering.  It's set at 100, but 1 doesn't help.  It's under the railing, so useless.  


Well, 3 issues ... the break line of the rail is opposite the stair break line.  It's set to "use break make of associated stair".  


Thank you

Rick Thompson
Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display

The stair tool's 2D representation is extremely difficult to tailor to suit your needs. Some items I simply cannot turn off or remedy at all. Now I hide the Stair layer on my plans and just draft what I want the stairs to look like.

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You should be able to match the break line angle with a negative symbol.


I am still on v24 and can not reproduce the issue so I'm guessing it's v25 bugs


The stair and railing tools are hard to master but once you do it's pretty easy to make things happen.


I also use railings for soffit and fascia, and gutters and downspouts, makes nice since it links to the nodes.


But give the stairs a fair chance as they are very powerful


@Rick Thompson , for numbering I set the parameters like this:

Relative position on trade % = 85
Offset from tread = 0.10


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