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Teamwork deleted my columns


I created a segmented column and placed several then selected "Send Receive" and all the columns disappeared. I was puzzled. I tried it again, same thing. I quit and restarted the computer, placed the column and Send and receive deleted the columns again. I placed a wall and Teamwork did not delete that. The problem must be in the column. At first I thought it was the server.


It turns out that when I created a point on the top of the column to make a pyramid shape, I put a zero value to make the point. It did not say I should not do that. After I put in a small value it did not delete the column. 


I have mistakenly put in zero values before and the entity was never deleted.


I don't understand why it would simply delete the columns rather than generate an error. I think it may be a bug?

Todd Oeftger
AC27 Mac MacBook Pro 15", 2019, 2.3 GHz i9, 32GB, Radeon Pro 560X 4GB, 500GB SSD, 32" Samsung Display (2560x1440)