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Site Plan




I am new to Archicad, is there a method to view the entire model from the top for creating my site plan? I have checked all relevant levels are turned on, floor plan setting for these elements are set to 'show on all storeys'. but still, some elements on lower storeys are not showing up... 


Thank you.


Hi, the simplest way of doing a site plan is setting it up in your layout (paper) then from there you will stack all the views that you have saved that reflected the site up to your roof. 😎

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

Added to what @ryejuan said you can See this video it will help you much

and also there’s a paid course on the Graphisoft Learn Portal among the E-book Courses called Site Plan Creation.

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Another way is to view it in 3d, you can do an axonometric view and set it to view straight from above.


Trying to make multiple stories show on one view is destined to fail. We usually do 3d views or stack a couple of views on top of each other on a layout.

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3d document with a top view is the way to go as it also allows for shadows.. To have more control on notes, we have a cloned folder which contains views on each floor plans with notes, levels, site dimensions and other stuff that doesnt appear in your normal architectural plans, with almost everything else turned off (to achieve this, it has a dedidated layer combination). 

This way, we can easily overlay this info on the layout over the 3d view on all the levels we need without making a mess. 


Hope it helps!


By the way, i stumped on to this question as everything else in this new forum, that is, RANDOMLY.

Dear Graphisoft, and im going to mention this in every post from here on, the absolute lack of organization on the topics and the way all kinds of topics are randomly stacked together is really bothersome, and im sure im not the only one who thinks this. Please do something about it. How do you expect people to believe your software can help in organizing a project (which of course it can, but new people might not have the same first impression by browsing here) when you cannot properly organize a simple forum which is supposed to act as a knowledge base?