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Vectorial Engine 3d view looses colour and shading on layout

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When I place a 3D view on a layout it looses it's colour and shading. The original 3d view is set to vectorial engine and looks fine on the screen but when I move to the layout it has no colour or shading.
The drawings pen sets is set to 'original colours'.
I am working from a brand new V20 template so I haven't messed up any settings that could be causing it.
Is this a V20 glitch? And if so, I really hope they fix it soon....
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You can select the Drawing and either
1. right-click and activate the Open Source View command. This will take you back to the 3D and apply the settings the View that is the source of the placed Drawing. If it does not have color, then you have to modify the View Settings to have color.
2. go to the Drawing Settings Dialog and check the Colors field in the Size and Appearance panel. It may be set to grayscale or black and white. It should probably be set to "Defined by Pent Set".
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Hi laszlonagy, thanks for your reply.
I already have those settings correct and it makes no difference. The strange thing is that the 3d view on the layout changes from black & white to colour back to black & white again at random. When the computer has been asleep and I start it up the next day and open up the ArchiCAD file (it wasn't closed down, just minimised) the 3d image will change.

It is totally frustrating and I'd love to hear if others are having the same problem and what solution they may have been given by their software distributor.
Erwin Edel
Are you placing a saved 3d view (camera icon) or a saved 3d document (page with isometric cube icon)?

The first option is rather limited in what it can display, the latter is set up much in the same way as elevations and sections in terms of what it displays. Graphic overrides is what really determines colour or black and white in 3d documents, sections and elevations in ArchiCAD20. These are saved along with things like scale, model view options (hiding opening lines and such), pen sets etc when you save a view to put on your layout.
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