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Zone label does not show area and perimeter

Arch Willingham

I rarely use the zone tool...typically about once a year. Today, while trying to have zones show both the room area and the perimeter, I have hit a brick wall.


No matter what I do, it only shows the Zone name and zone number unless I go through a ton of machinations.


1. If you go to the properties, then select "Measured area" and "perimeter", you can then see those value populate in the preview but it never appears on the drawing (see attached screen shots "AC-zone-problem1.png" and "AC-zone-problem2.png").


2. The only way to make it work, it to select the zone's label, then get the properties > Symbol Label custom settings > Content > dimensions (put a check beside "measured area" and "perimeter"). (see attached screen shot "AC-zone-problem3.png")


At that point the drawing will populate.

(see attached screen shot "AC-zone-problem4.png")

There seems to be no way to set it as a default.


That is a giant waste of time. Is there not a better way?




the preview you are seeing is the old zone stamp that is now a legacy function of zone stamps since ac25.  
The default template now creates a label (not stamp) to document info about a zone. 
If you want to show the legacy zone stamp this needs to be turned on in the MVO settings. 
I suggest using the label moving forward though as it has much greater functionality. 


Regarding default setting by the only way to adjust the default settings of a label object is to edit the default parameters in the GDL editor. 
creating a favourite is a lot more accessible and allows you to create a set of potential default configurations. 

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