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Add Fill .gsm to Project

Hi all,

Since ArchiCAD doesn't allow you to simply drawn and convert lines into a vectorial fill, I decided to try write one. The issue is, after written, how do I add it to a project? I have added it to the loaded library but it does not appear in the Fill dialogue.

Object => Fill Definition => Define Fill...


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You need to use Master GDL for this.

By the way, interesting research I've done in terms of vectoral / symbol fill. I figure out that use of symbol fills can reduce PDF file size, because in PDF it's going to be saved as fill too. When all vectoral fills in PDF will be reproduced as separate lines. In DWG is opposite - symbols are converted into lines, vectors are native AutoCAD hatches. Difference in file sizes can be 10-15 times (100 KB versus 1.5 MB).
The best way how to manage the fills for me was - to replace ALL vectoral fills with symbol fills in ArchiCAD and make detailed mapping table to convert fills into AutoCAD hatches. By doing that I've got:
1. Easiest workflow of creating new fills (symbol only).
2. Smallest PDF files and ability to edit fills in graphical redactors as Adobe Illustrator.
3. Genuine AutoCAD hatches in DWG files.

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