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Just a little guy...
Just a little guy

I took a look at that. I have one major comment about it: make proper User Interface. Now, even if it is a good object, it looks scary with all list of parameters.
Start from drawing UI sketches - even on paper. And after write the code. Don't rush to write UI code until you cannot imagine how it's going to look like. Good ergonomic UI can do magic.
Sometimes, when I have an idea about new object - I'm starting from UI first - especially when it's an object with a lot of parameters.
Just a little guy
Just a little guy
Just a little guy..
Wow, thats so great!
Thanks James, for all this input!

My own humble open source GDL objects are quite bland in comparison!
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I might believe that inside can be a lot of useful codes - just when you first open it and don't really know what all that is about - it's not clear what to do. Go through the parameters first and change something? Use Accessories Add on? Wall Accessories, Zone Accessories? Place on floor plan? Just a little bit explanation / introduction would be great. I will take a look more.

I also think, it would be great to establish some sort of international community of people, who are all developing GDL objects useful for all. Currently many different developers are making their tools - some of them very good, some of them so-so - trying to advertise them on the web-sites or sell (I'm not sure that selling happens really successful). If it would be one global project - with ideas, plans, schemes - than anyone can take part of the common development. And finally we all will get libraries that doing what we need.
Just a little guy...
Just a little guy
Hi again,

I took a look a little bit more on your code. Unfortunately I have the same impression - I don't understand from where to start. It's too messy.

I would recommend to better organise your scripts. First at all - currently all parts are visible in ArchiCAD - as objects, that user suppose to use, as macros. Macros must be hidden. Library globals object (MVO) shouldn't be visible as object too. I didn't understand why was necessary to introduce new subtypes (and some of these subtypes are missing). If it's a door - it's better to use existing subtypes, even better - to copy ArchiCAD door with all parameters - this way your door will be fully compatible with ArchiCAD door.
Also many objects are giving errors when I try to open them or change some parameters.

In programming it is important not only write the script, but create first very clear logical scheme of elements, variables and functions. It's more like architectural project - graphical schemes first with logical connections of nodes (PARAM-O represents this graphical scheme logic). When all structure is clear and all dependences between files and macros are made - you can start your coding. Otherwise you are risking to fall into "spaghetti coding".

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