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Basic 2D object - Cannot figure how to keep proportions


I want to create a basic 2D object (a "z" bar). I drew a fill, I know how to lock the "A" parameter, but I want the "B" parameter to be adjustable. But whenever I change the "B" size, the proportions of my fill are also changing.


I want to be able to change the Y parameter but while keeping proportion in between the fill nodes and between the hotspots and the fill.


It's must be so basic, but I am unable to find it...


Thank you a lot!


(I attached my current object).

Barry Kelly

Because you have simply saved selected 2D lines/fills as an object, it will stretch, but it will all stretch proportionally including the central web.




The only way to avoid this, is to script the object yourself, so you can control what is or is not affected by the overall size.

This would require you to learn GDL scripting.




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Thank you Barry.


Again, I don't get why creating objects is not much simpler like in Revit. As an architect, I really do not have the time nor the patience to learn coding... on top of everything else.

This can be done without GDL using profiles and modifiers.


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