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Resolved! Poly2_B{2} Fill Origin & Movement

I've reached a dead-end and can't work this out. It's a first for me using the POLY2_B{2} command and I'm trying to set the fill origin for a fill to the center of the fill. I've got the j4(8) code in the frame fill it responds to changes in the orig...

LGreen Booster
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WIP All-purpose surface label. Attn: Graphisoft

This post is for the attention of Graphisoft developers, in the hope that this label can be added to the out-of-the-box parts in Archicad. The problem:There are a number of problems with the current surface label, that make it more-or-less unusable f...

Bruce Expert
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Ghost characters on GDL editor

There's an issue regarding GDL editor on Mac that happens since Archicad 24.Whenever you type characters like " (quote marks), it'll create or rearrange characters at background, meaning that when you reopen the object, it'll be messed up.It's very u...

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Resolved! Can I override the order of the arrays?

Hello. With everyone's help, I got some results I wanted.But I want to put something more. I added a function to remove the air layer by itself, but the air layer is still in the order of the layers.when I want to put in additional functions, it's in...

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soo Contributor
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I am trying to make objects via GDL Scripting but I am really confused about UI_PAGES.1. How do you create pages?2. How do you link the elements or (Subtopics) to each page? Thanks. Daniel

Simple stylish 3d tree object?

Hi, what would be the best geometry to program a simple 3D tree kind of the examples in attach? I'm looking for something with parameters that I can randomize to get a slightly new geometry for each instance. Br, Mats

poly2_b{5} to act like "Fit to Skin"

Hello, I'm trying to create a 2D object which has an Insulation fill inside it. I am trying to make the fill the correct width, so it scales with the size of the insulation width, but I need it to be the same size as the wall insulation which has a s...

JGoode Advocate
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