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Building material fill height


Hello Community,


I am currently scripting material label for composites (walls and slabs). Label has also fill of building materials by accesing WALL_SKINS_PARAMS. So i have information about thickness and fills of composite materials.

Then i want to draw the fills with corresponding thickness (that is something that default composite label cannot do).

So i draw a polygon with command POLY2. That command includes option for cut fill. But this fill will not expand correctly in the area. The fill has default thickness as set in fill settings.


So i tried to use a command POLY2_B{3} with mxx, mxy, myx, myy vectors for resizing fill according to the thickness of the material. But I cannot find correct height for the fill. I think, that I need information about the height of the fill, but i did not find any request command for it.


Do you know about solution for custom thickness of fills in GDL 2D element? Or can I obtain information about fill settings (their height)?


Thank you for your help.


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