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GDL Object reads object's properties?


Hi, I'm trying to develop a GDL object to help us with our residential masterplanning projects. 


I need for the object's 'number of storeys' value to affect a number of things:

  • The object's 2D and 3D appearance
  • Accessible by schedules
  • Accessible by Graphic Overrides.

If I store it as a custom Classification Property, I don't think the GDL script can access it to generate the model. If I store it as a GDL parameter then it can't be seen by Graphic Overrides. Schedules can see both.


So; I don't want to have it stored in both locations as that gives a risk that the user will enter different values for each. Is there a way to get one to see the other? Can GDL access its own properties? Or can I somehow get a Graphic Override to recognise GDL parameters? Any advice welcome!


I use the element Id, I can modify an object and use properties to pull the same Information for labels and such.  I don't think that what you're after is possible to do with out some python scripting.


Thanks, that's useful - planning on getting my head around Python some point soon anyway. Please could you explain your first sentence a bit more? So if I put the data in the ID, what do you mean by 'modify the object'?

i basically have code in the master script that separates my predefined id system into parameters and then changes the objects parameters.

i use this to say change my siding type, which then using properties and my custom label, i can have my elevation labels change automatically with my wall covering.

or i can control my cabinets type, style, and color just by changing a couple letters or words in the id.

Amazing - so that sounds like the root of the solution I need. So may I ask - how do you access the ID info from within the Master Script? Is it using one of the REQUEST commands?


Edit: I think I've got there - referencing GLOB_ID pulls the main ID into the GDL so can do some calcs from there 🙂 Thanks for the help!

No problem, if you need more examples just look at the master script of my wall coverings 

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