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GDL generated surface not showing in Elevations


I am working on an object that creates a surface material in the GDL code to allow the user to select an custom texture from the library. I am using the DEFINE TEXTURE and DEFINE MATERIAL commands.


The problem is when using the new AC 25 feature of showing textures in elevations, this GDL surface does not appear.


It this a limitation of the implementation of this new feature, that will only work with surfaces generated from the template attributes, but not from GDL scripting?


Thanks for your help.

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Peter Baksa



If you are defining materials for other library parts to use, the script should be named MASTER_GDL_... Only this way will the defined materials be in the attribute table.

Another possibility is creating surface catalog objects, where the user can import surfaces one-by-one into the attribute table.


An object defining a texture for its own use is not showing in elevation, that is a known limitation and we have registered a wish about it.

Péter Baksa
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Thanks for the answer Peter, that is what I suspected and already did tests about creating the materials with MASTER GDL files.


But what I want for the user interface of the object is to precisely avoid to having to scale this surfaces manually as well as be able to define the image used by the surface from the object settings. The object then scales the image accordingly without user interaction.


I think it would be really useful if you could remove this limitation, so thanks for adding it to the wish list. 

Archicad 25, MacBook Pro M1 Max, macOS Monterrey.

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