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VCS-Server to develop GDL-Library in a team - using GIT??

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Hi folks,

I am looking for a proper way to work/develop on a gdl-lib containing about 200 objects in a team of 5 persons. 

I had a look to GIT, but there binary files are problem...

What do you use for colarborate, versonaring and merging .gsm files?


...or has anybody experience using/loading the objects directly in .XML format in AC?


best regards from Vienna,

Yours, Klaus 


Miha Nahtigal

Do not use binary files (.gsm) on github. Use text format (hsf) which is suitable fot github workflow.


There are two options:

1. Edit your library files (gsm) in AC's object editor, then use lp_xmlconverter.exe to convert them to hsf and commit+push your edits to github.


2. Edit hsf files with external editor. I use vscode editor for editing scripts in hsf folder structure. After saving a script, gsm is auto generated with aftersave hook and  lp_xmlconverter.exe

Switching to AC, I added a “Reload Library” button to my toolbar to update edited objects


You can check build scripts of my library directly on github

malamalca/ar_library: ARCHICAD Library of GDL objects (




Hello @Miha Nahtigal ,


This is an interesting workflow. I wanted to try it but your README is only 5 lines long, is it possible to know how the folder structure should be ?

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

Dear Miha Nahtigal,


thank you for your answer and the great workflow. 😀 
It is great, because one of "my" developer partners work only on the binarys directly in ARCHICAD-Editor. He do not even know the ASCI-Formats for GDL... 🙄 
so he need not deal with the formats - I will make him a bundle of batch-scripts and he 

When I understand you right, the same workflow is possible using XML instead of HSF format, isn't it?  -  I have a lot of practice on the XML-formated-lib-objects and also some useful commandline-scripts adding or alter code in all xml-objects in a folder.... etc.

Best regards from Vienna,

Yours, Klaus

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