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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Why is there a different finish in 3d after the wallhole?





wallhole 5, 1,
-ac_wallhole_width/2, 0, 15,
ac_wallhole_width/2, 0, 15,
ac_wallhole_width/2, ac_wallhole_height, 15,
-ac_wallhole_width/2, ac_wallhole_height, 15,
-ac_wallhole_width/2, 0, -1


I only used the function above.
However, the same door has a different finish.

Is what I did wrong?
Or is it something that needs to be followed up?

AC27 on window 11

This is the same as your section issue, wall params flip with the wall

in my opinion
If the wall flip is drilled into the wall as an external wallhole in two different walls
Shouldn't there be a way to make the materials work together?
Because it is a form that exists in the same position on a plane or cross section!.

The concept of wall flip does not exist in revit or autocad architecture, so I think there must be a solution.

If you say that you have to make a new shape with wallhole status 2, there is nothing more you can say. ^^

AC27 on window 11
Peter Baksa

This is related to the wall's setting:


If the GDL doesn't specify a material, then the greyed settings will be used.

If GDL doesn't specify a wallhole, AC_HOLESIDEMATERIAL parameter will have an effect too.


To specify the material from GDL:

  • use status 0 with WALLHOLE, and SET MATERIAL before it.
  • don't use WALLHOLE, it has bugs with mirroring. Use WALLNICHE, where you can assign a material to each edge.
Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest