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Resolved! Change swing direction text on door

Hei everyone, I am working on the AC25 norwegian version and I would like to change the swing direction text on doors.Swing direction in norwegian is H (høyre = right) or V (venstre = left). How can I change this text from H-V to the english R-L?

Resolved! Default variable not working

Hello, I made a copy of the Property Label 25 and set the AC_blabelFrame on and lock it, so it will be enable by default all the time. The problem is when I save that label to test it on a clean file. The frame checkbox comes unchecked which is not w...

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jc4d Expert
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HELP - GDL Script for Wall Tag

Hi Team, I am trying to create a tag for our Wall Types for our office. We have an existing tag, but are looking to overhaul our template, and are now including some extra information in the title of our wall types. As a result, the label now pulls t...


Resolved! Variables to Access Zone Information

Since AC25 we're able to label zones, and I'm attempting to design a label which gets information from a zone. Basically, I'd like to put out Zone Number, and its story index, to put up a "Room name" automatically, which would be: + + Using the fo...