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Resolved! Possible for the user to add to an array?

Hello, I am creating a 2D "person" object and I would like the clothes to be randomised using an array. I currently have it working as such: top_random = rnd(vardim1(top_colour)) pen top_colour[top_random] The user is able to edit the current values ...

JGoode Advocate
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Resolved! Can an object be room binding ?

Hello, I was messing around with the CWALL_ command and tried to create a simple room with 4 objects made with it but when I used the Zone tool, no closed polygon could be found. Is it expected behaviour ? And if it is, is there any command that allo...

Resolved! Scheduling REQUEST Data

Hi, I am attempting to manipulate some data from a Request and then display the result in a schedule.However the request data is disappearing when it is displayed in the schedule. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? See below my pseudo...


Resolved! GDL SCRIPTING show home elevation in text in 2d

I´m trying to build an electricity socket that is 3D modelled but in floor plan it only shows a 2D symbol with a editable text (for the circuit) and an autotext for its elevation to home stroy. The idea is, circuit goes above (and it´s a manual input...

Screenshot 2022-03-01 174443.png Screenshot 2022-03-01 174456.png
Tezak Contributor
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Resolved! Hotspot, default selection point for library parts

Hello everyone,Does someone know if there is a way to change the default selection point on a libray part?I created a custom library part with a 2D Symbol and I added a hotspot in the position where I want to "grab" the object:Now, when I select the ...

2d symbol.png library preview.png