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Graphisoft public roadmap - Follow-up conversation

Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community, 


We're excited to have published our roadmap!

We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion.


Graphisoft Insights announcement:


Public roadmap on the Graphisoft website.


Thank you.

Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

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I just love the disconnect between the roadmap released list, marketing and the reality...





In some countries there is a legal requirement for products to work as advertised.

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Using a survey is not really specific enough to get down to the nitty gritty of what really needs to be fixed or improved in the software. After reading the surveys you could quite easily put your own interpretation on what you think might be the priorities for future development ? 

Direct consultation is available for a limited few in the GSIP but that also can limit information on what the actual priorities are. Unless all those types of practices that are active users of the software are consulted, you don’t really get the full picture of what needs development.


It is very obvious to all of us from RM what is getting the main emphasis at present. Those in small businesses and in solo practices just have to take a back seat whether we like it or not.

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Hello Graphisoft team,

I saw that in the last few days there have been some movements in your roadmap, there are some new additions but also some features, scheduled as "coming soon", that have been moved to the "in progress" status, ad example the add-on store, and the control of storeys via Grasshopper, and others such as the "structural floor plan" that are nearby cancelled!(now it is in the "Idea Pool" list).


So don't you think that would be better to make some kind of report or recap on a quarterly or half-yearly basis (or when these changes are decided), to inform your customers about changes in strategy (not only on the long run, but even in the short period, taking into account that the example described invests the development features, which we users would have expected in the next release!!)?


from my point of view it would be a transparency move that could have beneficial effects on customer trust(which, honestly, has been severely tested in recent years) towards the future of Archicad and towards Graphisoft development team in general.

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You think Graphisoft will actually release anything of value within the next two years? they need to save it all for the changeover to subscription based ArchiCAD.


ArchiCAD 28 will be the thinnest release by far, it would be bad business to give people what they want so they can sit on the last perpetual license.


If GS wanted to be transparent, Theye'd release the future subscription pricing before v28 and announce feature releases targeted for these last versions so, we can decide if making another perpetual license purchase is even necessary after v27. 


They've probably realized, now they are not restricted by an annual deadline or value adding to entice perpetual users to re-purchase, focus will turn to breaking down the program into smaller extensions for the 3rd party store. With a 3rd party store they will drop a number features they were working on because other developers will swoop in to take advantage of the subscribers needs, things that should have been core functionality will become paid and GS wont bat an eyelid as they'll be getting their 30% of plug-in sales.

I've said it before, I'd love to see GS do a peoples version for those that have used the program for 20+ years, go through the forum and clean up all the minor **beep** people have been complaining about. Why not v29, there are no expectations or announcements for a big v28/29 release. Spin some more AI BS for the press, but really work on the minor improvements wink wink. 

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